Freeze Dried Dessert Drops (NEW)

Freeze Dried Dessert Drops (NEW)

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Who doesn't love a little dessert? This mix features multiple dessert style flavours such as Pumpkin Pie, Candy Corn, Caramel Corn, Hot Chocolate and more! Each time we make this mix, new dessert flavours will be added such as cupcake, cheese cake and so on. The entire bag will be bursting with dessert-madness!

  • Around 7 pieces 
  • PLEASE NOTE: The picture seen here is simply an example of this freeze dried mix. Our mixes change EVERY SINGLE TIME a batch is made. Do not expect your mix to arrive looking exactly like this. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Andrea Ferguson
    Time to FALL in love

    A lovely mix of flavours, texture was incredible.

    Dee Moggach
    Little crunchy melt in your mouth gems!

    Salt water taffy gets a serious make over! They puff up into sweet little balls with amped up flavour. The perfect delicate texture that melts on your tongue. A smile in every bite.

    Candace McLaren

    Extremely flavourful and delicious! Really great crunch and then almost but not quite chewy.

    Only downside was some flavours have an odd aftertaste (that they have as regular taffy too!) That seems to be intensified by the freeze drying.

    Will definitely be trying other freeze dried taffys!


    this was my first time trying freezedried candies and it was soo good! and so cool! I ordered more bags!

    Tik tok @legendary.oschh01
    I loved it

    I loved this pack ,the flavor were intense and really good,they also were crunchy but melted in ur mouth.I ordered 2 more packs❤️