Freeze Dried Sweet & Sour Crunchies Mix (NEW)

Freeze Dried Sweet & Sour Crunchies Mix (NEW)

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A mix like no other! These Sweet & Sour Crunchies host a mix of Chinese floral and fruit flavours, sour, very berry, original, and tropical! Every flavour all mixed up into one crunch-tacular bag! We're taking some of our top sellers and making it even better!

  • Around 150g
  • Around 80-100 pieces per bag
  • PLEASE NOTE: The picture seen here is simply an example of this freeze dried mix. Our mixes change EVERY SINGLE TIME a batch is made. Do not expect your mix to arrive looking exactly like this. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    I soo good

    Sorry but can I get my order on TikTok

    Sophie Gibbons
    Great candy

    This is one of my favorite things I've ordered from this shop. They're light but so full of flavor. The texture is nice and crumbly. And you get so much for one bag since they're a smaller candy. I absolutely recommend this product. Will definitely be purchasing this again.

    Best thing

    Best thing I ever ate!

    Samantha Stone
    What a treat!

    I loved the option of having both sweet and sour all in one. They were so crunchy yet airy and overall simply delicious. Sadly, I couldn’t handle the sour ones, but my kids loved them!

    Eden Craven
    My favorite candy!

    I love this candy! They’re so crunchy and airy and are so fun to eat this is my second time ordering them and they’re amazing!