Freeze Dried Mystery Bundle

Freeze Dried Mystery Bundle

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It's the bundle you didn't know you needed for some extra fun in your life and a bit of mystery! This mystery bundle comes with 4 bags of randomly selected freeze dried goodies! You never know what you're going to get and every order and bundle is different! You will receive 3 small bags and one regular sized bag option in this bundle. This bundle saves you roughly $10!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a MYSTERY BUNDLE the bundle is chosen at random and there is NO way to guarantee you will enjoy every single item in your bundle as everyone has different likes/dislikes. It is a random selection from ALL options on our shelves with no rhyme or reason to the selection made for your order. It is simply picked by our packing team at complete random. If you are picky DO NOT choose a mystery bundle. You would be better off choosing a selection of items you know you will enjoy from our many other freeze dried options. This bundle is for people who simply want to try random or new options for fun and enjoy a bit of mystery in their lives. 

  • 4 Bags of mystery freeze dried goodies
  • PLEASE NOTE: The picture seen here is simply an example of this freeze dried bundle. Bundles change EVERY SINGLE TIME an order is made. Do not expect your bundle to arrive looking like this. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 56 reviews
      Danielle Dickenson
      Loved the mix!

      I loved this mix, was everything I expected! I agree with some other comments, that having them labelled or maybe a quick note that told me what the items were would help me reorder them in the future. But overall I think I can figure it out ;)

      Cynthia Jenkins
      Was a mystery

      Everything was good. I would have loved to know the names of the stuff it was all unlabeled

      Amanda G
      Loved every piece

      You get a wide variety of options and they were all so yummy and different.

      Analise Ilsley

      Loved it!

      Edith Sikora

      This mystery pack was absolutely worth the cost. Thanks so much.