Freeze Dried Mystery Mix

Freeze Dried Mystery Mix

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*This listing is for ONE bag only*

Ever wanted to try freeze dried candy but didn't know what to choose or struggled with wanting to try it alllll!? We get it, we've been there too. Which is why this is one of our most popular mixes among staff and in store. Each bag is filled with multiple different options to taste test, no bite is the same! Fruity, caramel-y, Melt in your mouth, Chocolate and moreee - with international selections in EVERY bag. This is the go to bag for a random fun assortment of freeze dried goodies. These bags are exclusive to Tastely Box - we are the first and only freeze dried candy company that makes these unique bags of treats with international candy for you lovely people!

  • Roughly 10-12 pieces in each bag
  • Around 45g-65g (give or take as it is a different assortment each time)
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a MYSTERY ITEM. That means what you see in the photo is not what you will receive. The picture seen here is simply an example of this freeze dried mix. Our mixes change EVERY SINGLE TIME a batch is made. Do not expect your mix to arrive looking exactly like this. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Ida Hickey

      Wasn’t what I expected so I don’t know if i would order again

      Macy Fulton
      Different than expected but not bad

      Personally I did not care for the freeze dried candy. The flavors were good but it was definitely different than what I expected. The texture was not my favorite and some were very difficult to bite. Was fun to try but I probably won’t purchase again. :)

      Glad I tried it

      I discovered that freeze dried candy is is not for me but I still love this brand! I discovered you guys on tiktok and I love your videos.

      Really fun

      This is a great option if you’ve never tried freeze dried candy ( like I had) I didn’t think flavors like cola or caramel would taste good but they’re so delicious!

      Samantha Brodhacker

      So fun to try all the different kinds! Kids and I really enjoyed this.