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Ultimate Mystery Box

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Who doesn't love a bit of mystery and wonder?! Our mystery boxes are not only unique and fun, but they're packed with many items from multiple countries such as America, Japan, Poland, Mexico, Britain, . You just pick your budget and we will do the rest!

Small Box will have around 15 items


**Contents will be subject to change -  THIS IS A MYSTERY BOX**

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Jaz Pickard
Holy smokes! 😲

This was honestly the best thing I have had in my possession by far! It was incredible. When I got my package, I opened it and saw the neatness of each items placement, it was awesome! Every item had new textures and flavours that made me feel quite happy. 100% would by again! This is the best box of snacks :)

Too good, be careful

I'm serious! This was so much fun we didn't realize 3 hours had passed. My family sat around grabbing different candy for hours laughing and enjoying each surprise. Get the mystery box, but know what you're getting into.

Lots of new stuff to try!!

I love this, there is a ton of candys I’ve never tried before as well as ones that I have! Super exciting to eat everything!!

Amy Hatch

Great mystery box! Lots of variety! Cant wait to try another one!

Karla Schwarz

Love the box a perfect amount for the price. Especially loved the fact that I had lollies/ candy weren't from Australia will definitely be getting a large box next time