Bulk Mini Bubbly Polly Mix (Bubblegum Flavour)

Bulk Mini Bubbly Polly Mix (Bubblegum Flavour)

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This mix is Polly's perfect bag! Full of her favourite flavours and best of all the colours match the brand of Tastely Box. This bag features up to 4 imported candies from the UK, Spain and France all bursting with bubblegum goodness! This bag is smaller then our order bulk bags for 2 reasons! 1. Because we want to be able to make more so more people get the chance to grab one. 2. Because Polly herself is super small and short and it just seems fitting. Please note: All bulk mix bags are subject to change without notice. 
Please Note: All our mixes are subject to change everytime we make them depending on available stock. We still stick to the theme of our mixes but options inside each bag will likely change and the photo is simply a representation of what you may receive as well as to show you size and fullness. 
  • Around 375g
  • Processing times for these bags are an estimated timeframe depending on the demand, time of year, or if we are awaiting a bulk candy order.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Mushroom 🍄

    The mushroom sweets are my favourite, haven't been able to find them anywhere else but in the bulk mixs but they are so good! I ordered two bags for my second order of these and will be so happy to get more mushrooms


    The mushrooms and pencils are my favorite. Would definitely be ordering again

    michelle Combdon

    Great mix!!! My kids loved it!!

    Lauren McClanahan

    So good! Couldn’t believe the amount of candy that was in the bag! Everything was delicious.

    Loved it!!!

    I’m so so happy with this mix! I’ve been trying to find a place that had the candy I’ve been dying to try and this satisfied that want! I love everything in the mix. It was so yummy!!