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Custom Built Gummy Pick'n'Mix

Custom Built Gummy Pick'n'Mix

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Introducing our custom gummy selection – now featuring an impressive array of 62 options, with new additions regularly! PLEASE NOTE: AS OF 04/15/2024 WE ARE RUNNING LOW ON BUBS. WE HAVE A LARGE ORDER ARRIVING SOON. ALL ORDERS WITH BUBS WILL HAVE A SLIGHTLY LONGER PROCESSING TIME AS A RESULT ❗

Here's how it works:

For a 250g Mini bag: Choose 5-10 options to curate your personalized mix. 

For a 1lb Medium bag: Choose 5-15 options to curate your personalized mix.

For a 2lb Large bag: Choose 5-20 options to curate your personalized mix.

Please note by selecting more than the maximum number for each size, we will pack the first 10-15-20 options you chose depending on the size. 

Each mix, meticulously handcrafted by us, will feature a blend of your selected items. In case an item sells out, we'll substitute with the closest match or enhance other chosen options.

Please note: You're purchasing the *weight* not the fullness of the bag. Which means your bag may come looking as if it's not full or bursting at the seems depending on the candies you choose. 

Experience the joy of a customized gummy blend from Tastely Box!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Miller T.
Was really looking forward to this…

I was really excited about trying the pick’n’mix with swedish candy and the crystal candy! Unfortunately my package got lost in the mail and never made it. Very bummed but I recognize it’s not Tastely’s fault. I hope to order again in the future; maybe my luck will be better!

Hi Miller!

We're so sorry to hear your order got lost! Please reach out to us via the contact form and we will be happy to help get your candy to you

Tastely Box

Loved it

The mix was fresh, the bag was full, and we were happy with our delicious BUBS. Thank you will be ordering again for the kids!

Patricia Lopes
F****** Delicious

These candies were by far the best candies I have had in my entire lifetime. Living in Mississauga Ontario makes it hard to get my hands on Swedish candy and I was glad to see that you carried them. Next on my list to try from you are the freeze dried candies!


So happy to have gotten my BUBS from this company. We absolutely love Tastely Box. The candy is always fresh, fun, and delicious. Will absolutely order again!

alex simmons

the brains & whales were my fav, seriously so good, i will be ordering again, also they stuffed the bag really well. 10/10