Freeze Dried Cloud Bites

Freeze Dried Cloud Bites

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These fruity little Cloud Bites are so flavourful and delightful. Although they're crunchy, they also melt in your mouth! This mixed bag has up to 5 different flavours per bag, each loaded with more fruity blasting flavour than the last.

  • Around 8 pieces per bag depending on the size
  • PLEASE NOTE: These are a fragile item.  Although we do what we can to reduce abrupt shaking of freeze dried goodies in their shipping boxes, they are still susceptible to breakage and crushing during shipment. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to this possibility happening. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Ed So
      great product, but long wait and poor shipping

      how do you feel its fair you charged me $14 for shipping to Toronto when the candy was $9.99?

      Hi Ed,

      We have it clearly stated on our website we are a small business in extremely high demand and the companies who shipped to you are not part of our business. They are a separate service. You chose to pay that price for shipping, then after receiving the item now chose to give us a review over a shipping cost in which is not in our control? You do realize I do not own the shipping companies, so I do not get to choose what they charge me to ship to you. They charge me $14-16 for orders being shipped to TO. That is what it costs me. So, how do you feel it is fair to make a small business pay more money to ship to you then it cost them to sell the item to you? I'm suppose to lose $4+ to ship to you? Does that sound like a good business plan to you? You could have chosen not to purchase. You could have drove to our store and purchased there. How much would that cost you in gas? Fact is, small businesses do not owe people free shipping or shipping discounts at their expense. We small business owners do what we can to help ease the costs of shipping where we can afford to. You are purchasing an item to be delivered to you, that means you are paying for two services. Our services to get your order made and the shipping companies services to bring it to you. The cost of the item, has nothing to do with the cost that the shipping company charges to bring it to you.

      Have a great day!
      Polly @ Tastely Box

      Amy Deagle

      So tasty. Packed with a bit of sourness. Love it

      Victoria Moxam
      So yummy

      They were so light and had such a great taste, almost like jolly ranchers!

      Jonathon Siira

      So good and satisfying crunch!