Freeze Dried So Corny (NEW)

Freeze Dried So Corny (NEW)

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LIMITED EDITION! Candy corn is definitely not something I enjoy regularly, but when freeze dried these crunchy little bits become a whole new treat! The caramel flavours and crunchy texture all combine into something delicious that you won't want to put down. Be careful though as they become quite crunchy and hard, so use your back teeth. UPDATE ON THIS MIX COMING SOON! We are expecting a huge shipment of fun flavoured candy corn to arrive next week! When it does this mix will start to feature, birthday cake flavour, caramel apple, blackberry, hot chocolate and more!

  • Around 15+ Pieces
  • Around 40g
  • PLEASE NOTE: The picture seen here is simply an example of this freeze dried mix. Our mixes change EVERY SINGLE TIME a batch is made. Do not expect your mix to arrive looking exactly like this. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Pam Wells
    Good flavour

    The candy corn didn't puff up like other candy. I do understand that not every candy will respond the same so no worries. It seemed like there were different flavours in my bag as there were different colours and tastes. They are hard and crunchy so it's a different texture than the standard candy corn. I don't think I will order this candy again but I did eat the whole bag so they were still a nice snack for munching on. I just like other stuff better.

    Shelby Sexton
    super yummy

    crunchy deliciousness. definitely a must try, the favor is was amazing. wish there was more then one flavor it other than that, it was great.

    Heather Hyatt
    Just corn!

    It was not a light and fluffy crunchy as on TikTok. There were NO pumpkins, just corn, and only about half full.

    Hi Heather,

    When we featured these candies on TikTok we never described these as light and fluffy. All candy when freeze dried has different reactions. I was quite honest, actually stating they are harder.

    I would like to point out that, it is explained directly in this listing that this is just an example of what *may* come in your mix and to not expect it to look like the picture. It also explains directly in this listing that we would be adding new flavors of candy corn to this mix and that it would in fact be changing. It also tells you how many pieces to expect in your bag. 15+ pieces - freeze dried candy settles during shipment, this is a normal occurrence with majority of candy.

    I understand it can be disappointing to receive something you didn't expect, but this is also why it is really important to read listings when buying online. That way you know what you're buying and don't leave poor reviews over something you were informed about.

    Thank you for supporting our small family run business.

    Destiny Shackles

    I have no other words, other than we loved it. It was my boyfriend's favorite thing.

    Sarene Bellamy
    So corny

    The fall mix was pretty good. Candy corn freeze dries well.