PEANUT FREE Ultimate Mystery Box

PEANUT FREE Ultimate Mystery Box

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Who doesn't love a bit of mystery and wonder?! Our mystery boxes are not only unique and fun, but they're packed with many items from multiple countries. You just pick your budget and we will do the rest! Make sure you let us know if you'd also like to see us packing your Mystery Box on TikTok.

Small Box will have around 15 items
Medium Box will have around 20 items

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a peanut free facility. We do our best to clean and sanitize all areas prior to creating these boxes for your protection. We do not handle the candy outside of the packaging. Please be sure to still double check all labels and packaging prior to consuming. We check the items but sometimes companies change facilities without warning so it is HIGHLY recommended to still check! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heidi McLaughlin
Great Box!

Shipped this box out to my daughter who is away at school. She rarely eats sweets due to the fear of peanuts so thought it would be a nice surprise. She loved it! The only reason why we have a 4 star rating was because majority of the box was gummies of some sort which she enjoys but wished there was more chocolate.

My son LOVED this!!!!

My son has a peanut allergy since he was 1. He has never had a candy bar until we ordered this and he had a Mars bar and he LOVED it! All of the candy was great, it was an amazing present for him. I will never be able to thank you enough for the opportunity to see the pure joy and glow that my 15 year old had eating the candy bar. It was precious! Thank you!!!

Charlene Owen

Ordered one for a friend and one for me! Couldn’t believe how much was in that box lol first goodie was the cheesecake gummies.. sooo good!

Ashley Hillard
So many goodies I forgot about

Definitely a trip down memory lane with this box.