When partnering with Tastely Box for your fundraising needs, we provide a seamless, no-investment option designed to facilitate the achievement of your fundraising goals without any upfront costs. Unlike many other companies, our primary goal is to maximize your fundraising success, and to that end, we proudly offer an exceptional 40% return on all sales.

This substantial return not only expedites the attainment of your financial objectives but also ensures the efficacy of your fundraising efforts, all while featuring a product that resonates with people's preferences – our delightful freeze-dried candy.

Here's how the process works: Simply share your fundraising ideas with us, and we will furnish you with a dedicated sales website link accompanied by a QR-coded sheet for distribution within your community, school, or sports teams. The QR code on the sheet seamlessly directs individuals to your exclusive Tastely Box link, allowing them to effortlessly select and purchase their preferred candy options.

Upon the conclusion of your fundraiser, we will meticulously calculate the total sales and promptly remit your 40% return. Payment can be facilitated via eTransfer, cheque, or through a method previously discussed to ensure your convenience. Additionally, we extend the convenience of both local delivery and shipping options, although it's important to note that shipping may incur an additional cost contingent upon the destination.

Tastely Box is committed to providing a hassle-free and profitable fundraising experience, supporting your objectives with a quality product and transparent, efficient processes. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success of your fundraising initiatives.

Tastely Box is dedicated to empowering individuals to foster the growth of their communities in ways that may have seemed unattainable without financial support. Our commitment extends across a diverse range of causes, including but not limited to school fundraisers, support for sports teams, development projects for hospitals, initiatives for Aboriginal charities, endeavours to combat homelessness, advocacy for LGBTQ+ initiatives, and more. Tastely Box stands ready to champion a multitude of community-building initiatives, ensuring that no worthwhile cause is left unsupported.

As a local small business, our commitment is to support Canadian fundraisers in achieving their goals. Opting for a fundraising partnership with a community-based business not only aligns you with individuals who comprehend the significance of your cause but also actively contributes to the growth of our local economy. We believe in the power of community collaboration and the positive impact it can have on fostering a brighter future for our communities.

However, our commitment doesn't stop at Canadian borders; we are extending our fundraising opportunities to American fundraisers as well. By opening our doors to partnerships beyond our local scope, we aim to build bridges and create meaningful connections across borders. We value people and the collective effort we can invest to create a positive ripple effect in our communities. Through these partnerships, we aspire to play a role in nurturing the growth of future generations.

Join us in this endeavor, where your fundraising goals become a shared mission, and together, we contribute to the development and prosperity of communities on both sides of the border. Let's collaborate for a brighter, interconnected future that leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Tastely Box not only boasts a substantial freeze-dried candy community exceeding 2.4 million followers across various social media platforms, but we also stand as a pioneering force in the realm of unique and creative offerings within the freeze-dried candy industry. With a diverse selection of over 25 options, and this collection continuously expanding, your fundraiser gains access to our most popular choices, ensuring a compelling array that captivates and amplifies your initiatives.

The possibility that some of your community members are already familiar with our brand further enhances the potential for success. Leveraging our established reputation and widespread recognition, Tastely Box becomes an invaluable asset in maximizing the impact of your fundraising efforts. The combination of our innovative offerings and a pre-existing awareness within your community positions your fundraiser for heightened engagement and increased support, ultimately advancing your objectives in a meaningful way.