Processing Time Update

Hi Friends!


Current Processing Times: At the moment due to a big demand for our services, our current processing times are around 10 business days. Please note this is a rough estimate and sometimes the timeframe may be shorter and it also may be longer. We promise we are always moving as fast as we can! We are experiencing a crazy demand for our freeze dried candy and bulk mixes. We are hiring as fast as we can but we are limited until we get our new warehouse built at the end of this summer. If you need us to bump your order up due to a birthday, please be sure to email us prior to purchasing to confirm we can. In some cases, especially around holidays we aren't able to bump orders due to demand. We appreciate all of your patience and support while we grow as quickly as possible. Things will be able to move SO MUCH FASTER once we are in our new warehouse!
FREEZE DRIED CANDY UDPATE: Please remember, at this time due to the demand our freeze dried candy is under when you place your orders on Thursdays you are placing a PRE ORDER. This is basically saving your place to receive your freeze dried goodies. They will ship around 10 business days but it MAY go over that timeframe sometimes as the freeze dryer can only do so many batches in a day. This is only temporary as we expand and get more freeze dryers. When the warehouse is up we will have 5 in total to start and will add more from there if needed. We appreciate all your patience and we ask you to please keep in mind, we are a small business with 4 employees including Polly and James. We work nonstop and are committed to lowering our processing times as fast as we can but that comes with the new build of our warehouse as the unit we are in now is bursting at the seams and cannot hold anymore people. 
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: If your order is in need of any extra steps (such as special dietary restrictions or wanting a TikTok), it will more the likely go past these timeframes. We are only a 4 person team and having to stop for 1 box with dietary restrictions can slow us down a lot. We are always very happy to do it, but please be sure to give us the extra time we need for this. As for TikTok requests, Polly gets A LOT (like hundreds a month), and again she is always very happy to do them but these also take time out of her busy day so she has to pick an choose which orders to do a TikTok on and sometimes the order has to wait an extra day or two for her to get to it as she is a very busy woman. Thank you SO MUCH for understanding.

Processing times and shipping times are two different things. What you chose upon checkout is the shipping timeframe once your package ships, not how long it takes from when you purchase to when it arrives. 

Please remember, we are a small business in very high demand but we also have a small team. Our team and ourselves are working around the clock to get orders out and moving as fast as possible.

More FAQ can be found at the bottom of this page in our footer.

When will my order arrive?:
Most orders once shipped arrive within 2-6 business days. Please remember we *DO NOT* control third party matters. In some cases you will be required to contact the shipping company yourself to inquire about your parcel. If you need your tracking number or have any questions please be sure to reach out to us. Your tracking is automatically sent to you via email once your order is shipped. If you haven't received your tracking it might be in your junk or it may not have shipped yet. 

Why is my order saying "delivery date pending"?:
This could be due to a few reasons. Usually the main reason behind this is because your package was only just processed by our team and is awaiting pick up. Another reason could be that your order was delayed. Or in some cases, it's due to the shipping company having a delay in their internal systems that needs time to update and usually corrects itself within 24 hrs. 

Can I cancel my order?: 
If your order is over 72 hrs old, we unfortunately can not cancel your order. 


Thank you so much for understanding and for supporting small business! We are extremely grateful and could never thank you enough for what you've done for our small family. 2022 is going to be an amazing year and we can feel it! The storefront reopens in either late March/early April. We will be offering MEGA ice creams, freeze dried candies, and so much more! We are still shipping online orders and are open for curb side pickup. Freeze Dried candy becomes available in February 2022! By the end of the summer of 2022 we will be expanding into a warehouse that is 10x the size we are working within now. This will allow us the space to hire more people, and best of all lower our processing times drastically! 

Have a sweet day!
Polly, James & Tastely Team!